Online Seminars

"Train when YOU have the time. All the material available at all times!"

Train when it suits you, film and describe your training session, and get feedback, tips, coaching and guidelines in the online classroom.

You can choose:

Private - all comunication is done by mail/Facebook between you and us only.

Group - You will get access to a Facebook Group with other participants where you share your training, get feedback and discuss with us and the other participants.

You dont need any fancy equipement - film with your mobile phone or videocamera and send it to us by email or post it in the Facebook group!


Online Coaching with Lilly Leete

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Price: -

We can finally offer Online Coaching with Lilly Leete!

  • Creating a individuall training plan for your and your dog.
  • Setting up goals in both training and competition.

  • Individually made drills and course maps.

  • Teams can be at any level.

  • 10 weeks of training.

  • Private working group with you and Lilly on Facebook.

  • Choose English or Swedish!

Online - Seesaw

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Working spot: -

Auditor: - 

It's never to late to perfect your dogs seesaw!
We all know how time consuming and frustrating the seesaw is if it doesn't work correctly.
That's why we at YesDog want to share these drills and exercises that may help dogs who are insecure or scared of the seesaw but also those who want a perfect seesaw from the beginning. We will give you the tools and instruct you the whole way to a better and effective seesaw! 

Frequently asked questions and answers:

Is the seminar in English or Swedish?
Answer: You can choose - we offer both!

Do you have to teach your dog the "2 on - 2 off" behaviour or can it keep all 4 paws on the seesaw?Answer: No, of course you can decide this yourself.

Can i attend this seminar if my dog already knows the seesaw?
Answer: Yes, that is no problem!

What do i get to do as a auditor?
Answer: You will have access to all the info and the other members videos with our feedback on them. You may not comment or upload your own videos.

What is the minimum age of the dog to attend this seminar?
Answer: 6 months - at this age you can do nearly all exercises and drills. The rest can be done when the dog is a little bit older.

Online Running Contacts

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Running Contacts - or "RC" - means that the dog runs at full speed over the dogwalk and hits the contact field. RC is the fastest way for a dog to perform the dogwalk. Therefore, a clear majority of those who compete at high level use RC.

In recent years, the different ways to train RC has increased and it's not easy to know where to start. After 8 years of experience with RC training, we have tested most of the methods available on the market and found a winning concept. At Yes!Dog we will first train in a sustainable understanding of the task and then add on speed. The seminar suits everyone - no matter where you and your dog are in your RC training.

You get access to the online classroom for 3 months.

You need:

  • Detachable dogwalk - or "home-made" plank with non-slip surface, approx. 150cm x 30cm.
  • Some experience of clicker training.

  • A candy machine (Manage Minder) is advantageous but not a requirement.

Minimum age of the dog is 8 months.

Online Handling

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Price: -

  • You need access to 2 jumps

Japanese, German and Blind cross - Do you keep track of all the handling options available and how to perform and use them? This seminar suits the beginner who wants to get clear instructions on how to do all these handling techniques or the experienced dog trainer who wants to polish and really work through your handling skills. In this seminar, you will learn 10 handling techniques and how to use them. You will have access to 10 instruction videos describing how the handling is executed - step by step. All you need is 2 jumps. Ypu film your training- one video for each technique that you then submit to us for analysis and feedback.
Perfect for those who do not have access to a complete obstacle setup!

You will have access to the online classroom for 3 months.

In the seminar you will be taught these handling techniques:

-Front cross
-Rear cross
-Blind cross