Yes!Dog is founded and run by Tobias Sjöberg and Lilly Leete in Stockholm, Sweden. Together we educate dog owners and their dogs with sustainable and positive methods.

Here you will find a seminar for everybody - from beginners to the expirienced dog trainer. We always make sure that the training is focused on you and your dog as a team.


"14 years ago I participated in my first agility seminar. Since then iv'e trained 3 dogs - from puppies to expirienced and sucessfull agility dogs that has managed to acchive great results both in Sweden and Internationally.

Since 2014 iv'e been a member of team Sweden with my Border collie Rozz and together we have won many medals at European Open, Nordic Championships and World Agility Open. We have also participated in the AWC both indiviually and in teams.

The most important thing for me in my coaching is to develop the handler and its dog with their own style amd handling system to acchive that team spirit!"


"I have had dogs my whole life and at a early age I started to compete in Junior handling and showing at dog shows with great success. In later years i eventually started with agility and freestyle.

I focus on contact and relation between you and your dog and my passion lies in Foundations and detailwork."